The art of Conducting drumming

Conducting an orchestra requires a highly skilled interpreter, directing the simultaneous performance of multiple instrumental groups using emotive gestures to guide the collective into a harmonious expression of music. Typically, a conductor chooses the works to be performed, carefully working out his interpretation of the piece and then relaying his vision to the performers, ultimately shaping the sound of the ensemble.


Group musical interactives such as a drum circle, are somewhat different – the participants are mostly complete beginners from various backgrounds and age groups, lacking any musical training, and basic skills such as volume control, tempo fluctuation and the understanding of the subtle energetic interplay between player and instrument. The music created is natural, in the moment, and free flowing. Participants are completely themselves, banging away in unison to the simplest beat. This in the moment playing allows for a creative musical mess to unfold, which is skilfully directed back into fun functionality through gestures and guiding actions.

Conducting a drum circle is an art form in its own right, working with the dynamics present in each new group, finding ways to inspire and uplift fledgling drummers into a powerhouse of African beats.





Interactive body percussion is a comical yet challenging introduction into how to create music utilising nothing else but your own body. This hilarious experience introduces audiences into the fascinating world of brain gym, understanding that rhythmic clicking, clapping and stomping helps awaken the nervous system - a kind of “on switch” to the brain and body, affecting breathing patterns and attention. By creating rhythm with these actions, coupled with cross body movements, which help align brain hemispheres - subtle feel good hormones are released helping individuals feel in sync with themselves and with one another, through the collective playfulness of bodypercussion.


What happens during a session?

We introduce the audience to body percussion through a comical demonstration lead by our highly trained facilitator. We then guide the audience through games and exercises showing the audience both how easy and how hard it is to utilise our their own bodies in a musical way. Bodypercussion asks for coordination, timing and listening.


Benefits of bodypercussion

  • Entertaining

  • Body awareness

  • Stress reducing

  • Group bonding experience

Sessions can be designed to suit event needs from 20min to 40min. We can cater for 10 to 1000 participants  




making music with BOOMWHACKERS 

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes of specific lengths and colours. Each colour and length is attributed to a specific note, which collectively make up a specific scale – the most common of which is the pentatonic scale. These fun and easy to play instruments mesmerize audiences with making music together. It’s a great way to get any group thinking creatively together in the heat of the moment.


What happens during a session?

The audience is divided up into smaller equal sized groups and then given a specific colour for their group. The groups are then lead through a fun interactive learning experience where they are taught the fundamentals of tempo setting, rhythmic patterning and basic conduction.


Benefits of Boomwhackers

  • Stress reduction

  • Listening skills

  • Active group bonding experience

  • Fun interactive games

  • Leadership development

Sessions are between 20 and 45min long depending on the event. We can cater for up to 200 participants.